About Us

Local Family Farm


 The great moderator of the team,  wife, mother - farmer keeps the farm running smoothly.  She brings a careful eye to crop selection, growing flavors of Mexican cultural significance.  Farmer Patricia will inspire your taste buds by sharing recipes that are not just healthy, but delicious.  In the off season Patricia enjoys her time off, being with family, and beach time in her hometown Zihuatenejo, Mexico. 

From our field to your fork


 Farmer Mark, lead grower and honest to goodness American Farmer is an Arlington local.   Being able to grow healthy food for people to eat, and in turn be healthy though food is a major reason he grows fresh organic food. Native to Arlington, he loves the day to day working of the farm, talking with suppliers, managing the processing shed, and doing his half of the office work.   In the off season, Mark enjoys mountain bike trail building with Evergreen Mountain bike Alliance, travel, and other outdoor sports. 

Growing Organic Certified


 Dante & Valentina. These family farm kids, really bring family into everything we do.   These farmhands in training do their best to sample just about every product for quality and sweetness while waiting for other kids to stop by the farm and play while the parents do the shopping.  Watch out because they could recruit any kid their age to explore some new adventure on our farm. 

Farm Crew

Field Crew & Farm Stand

We are thankful for our crew, There is so much to do at a farm like ours, and whether its the friendly farmers up front helping you find the right produce selection, or our farm crew doing all the planting, weeding, and harvesting to make sure we all have great local produce.

Fall festival

Fall festival