We Love Our

Organic Family Farm

We are a diverse, organic certified farm. We grow vegetables, flowers, bedding plants and more. 

We sell via a farm stand, farmers market, nursery and garden shop, u-pick and floral services. 

We serve the greater Seattle region.

Easily located off the I-5, come visit!

The Garden Treasure Farmers

Farmer Mark - Local and Passionate about Healthy Food

Garden Treasures Farmer Mark Lovejoy with some freshly grown Walla Walla onions.

Farmer Mark Lovejoy grew up in Arlington and it was his love of the disappearing farmlands and farm community of his childhood that sparked the inspiration for Garden Treasures and our organic farm. 

A life-long entrepreneur that grew up in the wholesale nursery business, Mark started out selling his father's nursery plants in roadside stands.

His own health struggles and need for clean, healthy food was the final linchpin to his passion for creating his own organic, locally grown produce business. 

Mark is also a passionate mountain biker and local trail builder and as he says 'he farms to support his mountain biking habit.'

The Garden Treasure Farm Family - An American Family Farm Story


Garden Treasures is truly a family farm.

Mark and Patrica met while Mark was touring Mexico on his bike. 

While dating, they were inspired to open up their own farm. They knew 'location' was key so they wrote letters to every farm owner along Hwy 530 until one replied. And with that, the adventure is off!

Dante and Valentina are the future of Garden Treasures. 

Dante is learning the ropes of the farm machinery and loves mountain biking just like his dad. And salad!

Valentina is a born saleswoman like her mother. She loves making videos, talking to customers, eating the first ripe strawberry and candy!

Farmer Patricia - A Tradition of Farming


Farmer and Florist Patricia Lara grew up working the row crops of her grandfather's farm in Mexico. Her parents ran a restaurant on the beach, growing their own 'seed to table' needs. So it's not surprising that she found herself farming.

With a business degree, Patricia brings her farm AND business skills to Garden Treasures and she runs the farm stand with great passion.

When not growing vegetables, making flower bouquets, washing produce on the pack line or doing the books, Patricia enjoys all the people she meets at the farm, especially the many different cultures. She loves visiting her family and friends in Mexico every winter when the farm stand takes a small winter 'break.'

The Farm Crew

Lori, Assistant Produce Mgr and Sustainable Blooms Florist

Our Organic Farm produce assistant Lori Thompson.

Lori Thompson, a Snohomish County native. started working for Garden Treasures in 2013 and quickly because  the 'face of the farm' you see in the stand and nursery. 

In 2016, using her past experience as a florist, Lori partnered with Patricia to start their Sustainable Blooms floral shop.

Lori loves gardening in her own home garden and making meals for her family grown from her own and Garden Treasure's healthy, organic offerings. 

The Farm Crew

Our organic farm crew plants starts.

It takes a certain sort of person to work on a farm. One that doesn't mind getting dirty, wet, hot and cold. Working hard with a smile on their face, ready to great customers and share their enthusiasm. 

Garden Treasures wouldn't exist without all the amazing and hard working crew we've had over the years and have today.

We are always looking for dedicated new farms and farm store staff to join our team. Please contact us if you are interested! 

Team Rodent Patrol!

Most important team on our organic farm, our 'rodent patrol' rat terriers Max and Chico.

Chico and Max, Garden Treasures loyal rat terriers, have arguably the most important job on our organic farm - rodent patrol!

Chico and Max take their duties seriously, sometimes too seriously, digging up beds that Farmer Mark would rather NOT have then dig up in pursuit of that elusive rodent nest.

They are also VERY keen to chase rabbits out of the greenhouse and to keep deer out of the farm fields.

Make sure to say hi to Chico and Max when you stop by the farm (if they aren't too busy on 'patrol'). 

Want to Join Our Farm Team?

Contact us about seasonal and full-time work.

We also look for one to two seasonal interns a year. This is a special opportunity to learn the ins and outs of a thriving, organic certified local farm business. We love sharing our experiences and mentoring up and coming young farmers!