Garden Treasures Nursery

Locally Grown Nursery & Plants

 At Garden Treasures, we source and sell quality nursery plants and hedge trees to fulfill all your landscaping needs. We also have a great selection on the food side of things with maritime climate specific fruit trees and farm grown, certified organic vegetable starts. All of our farm grown plant starts and baskets are organically grown in our onsite heated greenhouses. Our Garden Center is also stocked with seeds, organic soils and fertilizers and other local plants from growers surrounding our area. In our Gift Shop we offer growing aids to make any garden more productive, with a special emphasis on organic and natural methods. Whether you have small herb planters, a full year-round vegetable plot, or a great looking landscape, we have what you need to get the most from your garden. Let us help you grow like a pro!

Here’s a handy little guide to the plants and starts that we should have available throughout the growing season. *

March:            Pansies, Onion transplants, Organic Seeds, Potato Seed, Fruit Trees, Early Veggie Starts, Winter Heather

April:               Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Evergreen Trees, Fruit Trees, Early Veggie Starts

May:                Annuals and Baskets, Hedge Bushes, Tomato Transplants, Veggie Starts, Storage Onions

June:               Summer Perennials, Geraniums, Fuchsia, Veggie Starts

July:                U-Pick Vegetable Garden, Summer Blooms, Summer Shrubs

August:           U-Pick Vegetable Garden, U Pick Tomatoes and Peppers

September:    Garden Mums, Garlic Seed, Fruit Trees

October:         Large Pumpkins, Hedge bushes, Evergreen Trees

*Please call to check availability if you are looking for something specific.* 



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