Farmer Direct Delivery to Restaurants

Serving Snohomish County and Down-Town Seattle

New for 2020 we have ended our weekly direct produce deliveries to Seattle area accounts.   

We have decided to take this year off to focus attention to the farm store or farmers market pickups.  We can offer wholesale pricing for volume buyers if picked up at these locations.  Please inquire by email or phone about specific orders.

Wholesale Produce


We can work to accommodate special orders with delivery for Minimum $1500 to the greater Seattle area.

We deliver fresh produce to restaurants, delivery companies and independent grocers in our area.

Delivery Schedule -  2020 -  Year OFF!

A Sampling of Some of Our Products!

Organic Heirloom tomatoes

organic heirloom tomatoes for our wholesale produce list

Sold in 10# Mixed Color Cases - We are the largest western washington tomato grower with over 8000 trellised plants for 2019.  All our tomatoes are grown in the actual earth, using cold frame greenhouse structures to ensure protection from rain.  Our fruit is picked ripe, and sorted in our controlled temperature tomato room, we pack to order, and customer needs.  We specialize in European, American, and Mexican Heirlooms.

Pickle & Slicer Cucumbers

pickle cucumbers for our wholesale produce list

We grow trellis cucumbers of all types, we pick every other day, and chill quickly using our walk in coolers.   Our season last about 8 weeks a year and pre-orders for quantity over 100lb are accepted. Sold in 20lb 1/2 bushel cases.

Leaf Lettuce Heads

Our amazing lettuce for our wholesale produce list

In 2017 we incorporated a diverse selection of leaf and head type lettuce in our production.  We specialize in growing Wild Garden Seed Varieties of Lettuce meant for the PNW, we also grow ample amounts of staples like Romaine. Quick, Economical lettuce and some large sizing at times.  Sold in 12 and 24ct cases.

Carrots & Other Roots

Carrots and onions for our wholesale produce list

The Stillaguamish River has been a root crop capital of the PNW since the 1950's, with our added irrigation our carrots and root crops are tender, sweet, and have a homegrown taste and high quality grade.   Sold by the Bunch, 20lb bags, and 35lb bags, and 60lb bags.

Cherry Tomato Medley

cherry tomato mix for our wholesale produce list

Sold in 5lb, 10lb bulk flats, and 12 pt. open clamshells our Cherry Tomato Mix, is a perfect blend of sweet and flavor only experienced by buying from farmers like us direct.

Mix Greens & Dry Beans

mix greens for wholesale produce list

Our signature product, mix salad greens uses over 40 various greens during a 12 month growing season.   Orders over 24 lb need to give 2 weeks advanced notice.   We also grow Spinach, Arugula, Braising Greens, And Spicy Greens.   Sold in 3lb and 8lb cases.

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